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Introducing The Gifted Toolkit

Start with Data

Whatever your data needs, ranging from the simple to the complex and even building relational models between data groups. GiftedData has you covered.

Design Forms

Need to display your data in an appealing and digestible way? Build engaging forms for employees and external users alike? GiftedForms allows you to do it all.

Build Workflows

GiftedFlows lets you create workflows that automate, inform and measure your process. Even set targets and SLAs to assess and monitor performance.

Publish Dashboards

GiftedDashboards allows you to display grids, graphs, analysis widgets, images, workflow monitoring, tasks for each user. We'll stop there, but the list could go on and on.

So - What can it do?

What can GiftedMatrix do for you?

Let's start with an example. If you so wished you could set up a landing page for users outside of your organisation to log in to – and the customisability of Gifted means that you can design these pages to convey the precise functions and information you want individuals to have access to in a user-friendly format. But don’t let that limit your imagination. You can create an online complaints process (should the need arise…), a grant application system, a volunteering module, fundraising pages, membership schemes… In fact any engagement you can think up, you can build.

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, Gifted has a responsive design and is ultra-secure, but perhaps more importantly - operating on this platform means all you need to access your GiftedMatrix is a web browser and an internet connection. The power of Gifted is always at your fingertips, whether you’re on the go using your mobile and tablet, or at home on your laptop. Which happens to be a lovely way to round off this introduction, as with Gifted, you’ll always feel like you’re at home on your laptop.

Wait… there’s more.

The Gifted Toolkit Continued

Versatile Grids

Explore your data with customisable grids and graphs. Visualise groups of data by defining columns, sort orders and filters, and advanced features to chart and pivot. Now those are Gifted Grids.


GiftedFilters are truly agile, meaning you can create reusable filters to sift through data, create conditions for use in forms, or apply them to grids to quickly get the data you’re looking for.

Financial Integrity

GiftedFinance provides all the financial control you need. Using it, you can raise purchase orders, match purchase invoices, create quotes and sales orders, and even process donations.

Verify Identity

GiftedID uses Identity server to authorise and authenticate users. The heavy-duty security management is taken care of using OAuth 2.0 and OpenId Connect.

Our edge

Gifted's Expertise

We’ve been around for a good while here at Westwood Forster, and 30 years of experience in building software - historically for the not for profit sector - has taught us a lot. We’ve worked hard at gaining a deep understanding of the business rules and have built up a bank of knowledge relating to donation handling, gift aid, purchasing, sales invoicing, nominal ledger integration and much more. Using the GiftedToolkit, you can plug these rules to forms, grids or workflows, meaning common rules for the sector are meticulously followed automatically, without you having to worry about them.

Finally, GiftedCommunications takes care of any and all communication, integrating with your chosen email and SMS provider. You can set it up to take care of simple interaction for you, giving you the time to engage more personally in the communications close to the heart of your organisation. The service also links to your word processing software, neat right?

If you like any of what you’ve read, are curious to find out more or even just want to enquire about getting the last 5 minutes of your life back – please do get in touch. In the spirit of the Matrix side of Gifted; click the red pill. You never know. We might just be the people to help get you where you want to be.

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